Greek Cemetery Box Package 2NF – Oil Lamp #2N plus 4 Litres Cemetery Box Lamp Oil, spare wick and chimney


This is a fabulous starter package for use in a Greek or Macedonian Memorial or Cemetery Box – OIL LAMP PLUS 4 LITRE BOTTLE CEMETERY BOX LAMP OIL PLUS BONUS SPARE WICK AND CHIMNEY

The oil lamp #2 takes 350ml of lamp oil and will burn continuously for over 100 hours.  The lamp is 21cm tall and 10cm wide so a perfect size for most cemetery boxes.     The lamp comes complete with chimney and wick with bonus extra wick and spare chimney included   If more wick needed, order our 3mm turquoise stripe Australian made cotton wick for best burning results, if another chimney needed, select Pixie N Chimney

The cemetery box lamp oil has been specially selected for use in this situation as it requires less oxygen to burn continuously than other lamp oils.  This oil is not classified as dangerous goods so is quite safe to ship and store.   For more oil, select the 20Lt drum of Cemetery Box lamp oil next time!!!


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm

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