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Gilly’s Waxes & Polishes

Qld Lamp Oil Supplies are excited to announce we are now official distributors for West Australian Family Owned Company: Gilly Stephenson’s Waxes & Polishes.    Gillys manufacture quality furniture & floor polishes along with a full range of other restoration and maintenance products.

Gilly Stephenson’s Waxes and Polishes are hand-made from the finest West Australian beeswax, combined with carnauba wax and other natural ingredients.  None of the polishes contain silicone or toluene.

These products are designed for all aspects of wood finishing, from restoration to the care of your finest antiques.  We also cater to the market in need of food safe finishes with our citrus oils and liquid beeswax.

The creams and restoring polishes are equally effective on leather and vinyl.  The oils are ideal for oiling all timbers from indoor & outdoor furniture to chopping boards; cleaning and nourishing in one.  There are also stains for pine and dark woods, waxes and wax sticks.   Please message us with any questions regarding the use of these products.

Click HERE to access our range of Gilly Stephenson’s Products.

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