Gilly’s Beeswax Blocks – 95g


Beeswax Blocks 95G

These Beeswax Blocks are 100% natural and food-safe to suit a wide variety of needs and have absolutely NO petro-chemicals added.

Many other ‘beeswax’ products on the market are blended with other waxes. Gilly’s is 100% beeswax.

Beeswax is a very hard wax, and provides a sensational honey aroma.  The colour is generally rich and golden, however as a natural product, colour variations do occur.

Double boilers are the safest method for melting beeswax. It can burn easy if care is not taken, which may affect colour and aroma.

Please note: This is not a ready to apply furniture wax as it is in its pure form.


Melt Point: 62-64

Used For:

Soap making, candles, crafts, beeswax wraps, cosmetics, furniture care

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