Blackout Preparation Pack – 4 x Oil lamps plus 9Lt lamp oil package.


The perfect package designed to get you through that next unexpected blackout! (or anytime just to make your house beautiful!)

Don’t get caught in the dark next blackout, get yourself a blackout preparation pack and be prepared like a boy scout!

– 2 x #33 Traditional Oil Lamps (each 32cm high – takes 23mm flat wick) – Suitable for Kitchen, Living Areas – This lamp holds approx 600ml oil and will burn for over 35hours from full to empty.

– 2 x #2 Traditional Oil Lamps (each 21cm high – takes 3mm round cotton wick) – Suitable for Bathroom, Bedrooms. – This lamp holds approx 350ml oil and will burn for over 100 hours from full to empty.

– 2 x 4 Litres Clear Unscented Indoor Smokeless Lamp Oil (You can substitute the clear unfragranced oil with coloured/fragranced lamp oil or citronella lamp oil.  Please send your request in the order notes box at checkout page at time of payment – otherwise the clear oil will be sent)


Lamps come complete with chimneys/wicks and instructions.   When more wick is needed order 23mm flat cotton wick for the large lamps and 3mm round cotton with turquoise stripe for the smaller lamps.

Additional information

Weight 10.6 kg
Dimensions 37 × 36 × 31 cm