Kerosene Heater Replacement Wick R5 – 95mm Diameter (see notes for free shipping)


Kerosene Heater Wick R5 (Aus Code) or 7X  (USA Code) – 95mm Diameter with no pins – 190mm long.

This is a top quality UK made heater wick compatible with the Kookaburra Brand R5 wick which is now virtually extinct.

Suitable for a wide range of older Australian purchased kero heaters.

Including the following:

Aladdin    Happy

Chevron    TSK605B, TSK608, TSK609

Email   YR1000

Everglow Comp  KSC221M

Fujika   KSP229M,    Love 225

Fyrside   YRP10000, YRP10000R, YRP10000V, YR10000, YR10000R

YR10000V, YR10000T, YRP10000T ,

Happy Auto   227A

Hitachi   OVH A250S,  OVH A521

Leader   74, 75

Maltese   N.E.C.

Mitsubishi   232A, 250,  KB134

National   OS 2300R,  OS 2301RX, 2302RX, OS2306RX, OS2203RX

Sanyo   OHR G25A, OHR G25S,  G25B, OHW953R

Sharp  HSR 207B; HSR 208B; HSR 10A; HSR 10E; HSR 14E; HSR 14F; HSR 20;

Sharp  HSR 41D; HSR 48D; HSR 73A; 207, 207B, 208, 208B, 210; HEO 51; HEO 58; HT 101

Valor    MR160,   250,  260

And most non pin, 95mm Diameter heater models.

Refer to this website to check which Wick your heater fits:

(Thank you to Miles for this great reference)




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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 cm